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'Growing Inside Out: Mental Health – Are We Talking Enough About It?' A Young Arts Fundraisers Event

Young Arts Fundraisers is a professional network for early-career fundraisers in the cultural sector. In May 2020, they staging an event which focuses on conversations around how the cultural sector can support the mental health of its workforce. Creative Freedom is proud to be a panelist at this event.

Mental health is a subject that is important and relevant to all fundraisers - and it has become even more significant during the coronavirus pandemic. Home-working and furlough have left many young fundraisers feeling vulnerable, isolated and lacking direction. The event aims to open up this all-important conversation and take a deep dive into all things mental health.

Colin from Creative Freedom is joined a panel which includes Claire Warner, a consultant, coach and originator of ‘The Charity Well? research project’, which was created to investigate the challenges and stresses faced by those working in the charity sector, the incidence of overwhelm, excess stress, burn-out, illness, and mental health issues; and their effect on staff wellbeing, retention and exiting the sector.

It’s sure to be an interesting and stimulating discussion. To join us, book online.

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