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AMA digital conference 2019

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Hot on the heels of the AMA conference,  we are joining forces with Art Fund to put mental health and wellbeing back on the agenda at this year's digital conference. 

You'll find us in the wellbeing pod at the London branch of the conference, located at The British Library in London.  We'll be on hand throughout the day, but if you want a reason to come and see us, the programme looks something like this...

From 11:25 - Time for a digital detox? 

Take twenty minutes to chat to Creative Freedom and the Art Fund about ways (cultural and non-cultural) to boost your wellbeing. Enjoy a cup of Pukka herbal tea on us!


From 12:30 - Let’s take it off-line

The Art Fund’s Recent 2018 wellbeing report 'Calm and Collected’ suggested galleries and museums were an under-used resource to take time out.  Drop in over the lunch break to find out more and talk to Creative Freedom about how you can boost mental health and wellbeing in your organisation.


From 15:10 - Taking time out to talk

Creative Freedom and Art Fund offer a refreshment break with a talkative twist.   How can you start the wellbeing conversation in your workplace and explore ways to support everyone in your organisation? Enjoy a cup of Pukka herbal tea on us!

Creative Freedom and Art Fund at the AMA conference
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