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Mental Health First Aid Refresher





The MHFA half-day refresher is aimed at those who have already done the two-day course and are looking for a way to revisit, refresh and reflect on the skills and knowledge they gained. 

This new course was launched at the end of 2019 and Creative Freedom are currently amongst a small number of organisations to offer it.

The four hour refresher course supports  Mental Health First Aiders and MHFA Champions by:


  • Renewing their skills 

  • Updating their knowledge of mental health supports 

  • Giving them the chance to practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan 

Enabling Mental Health First Aiders and MHFA Champions to refresh their skills, the same way your physical first aiders do, is a great way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to treating mental health and physical health equally. Investing in the course will provides the confidence that  Mental Health First Aiders and MHFA Champions are performing their role safely and effectively.



  • Four hour course

  • Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities

  • We limit numbers to 25 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn.


Our online sessions require no special software - just a computer with a webcam.  


People can also participate using their smartphone, iPad or tablet.   We're happy to give you a demonstration.

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