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  • How much do your courses cost?
    Course pricing is recommended by the course certifying body. We are very happy to work with organisations to make the most of their training budget. Indicative costs are based on MHFA recommended course fees: Half-day courses are £125 per participant for the first 8 participants, including workbook and manual. Additional participants will be charged at £100 each including a workbook and manual The two-day course is £250 per participant, including workbook and manual. Packages are available for organisations wishing to book multiple places or a number of courses. *all costs exclude VAT
  • Can staff furloughed staff take part in training?
    Training is allowed, as long it is relevant to an employee’s role, has been agreed between the employer and the employee, and it does not provide services or revenue to the business.* Mental Health First Aid training is a great way to prepare your staff to return to the workplace and support them while they are away from work. *Please consult with your HR advisors to check how this guidance applies to your specific circumstances or staff are in receipt of the national minimum wage when in employment.
  • Is your course the nationally accredited MHFA training course?​
    Yes! The two-day MHFA course offered by Creative Freedom is based on international evidence and is accredited by MHFA England. The Mental Health Aware and Half-day refreshers are also certified by MHFA England. Instructors provide a course that has been written by experts and grounded in research. Evaluation shows that MHFA courses make a lasting difference in people’s knowledge and confidence around mental health.
  • Will the course train me to support others experiencing mental ill health?
    The two-day mental health first aid course will help participants to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and the basic knowledge of what to do next. The course does not qualify participants to be counsellors or therapists, but it does give the tools to start difficult conversations about mental health, offer supportive conversations and signpost people to professional support.
  • Do you do courses of individuals, or just organisations"
    Creative Freedom is currently focusing on supporting organisations who want to train their staff. If you are an individual and you would like to join a course with others, our sister company, Mind//Shift offers opportunties to join a group.
  • Can people do your courses online?
    Yes. All courses are offered online, with a live instructor. No special software is required - just a computer and internet connection. We'd be happy to give you a demonstration. Staff who are currently working from home, and those on furlough will enjoy the opportunity to do something with colleagues in a supportive environment.
  • Can I do a course as an individual?
    Yes, you can book as an individual if you're not in a posiition to book a group. For courses to be a good learning experience, they do need to be delivered as a group, so we work with our close cousins at Mind//Shift for this. Pop over to their website and book yourself a place!
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