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Five reasons every creative organisation needs mental health first aiders.

Everyone has mental health and maintaining it is just as important as maintaining physical health.   If you saw a colleague have  injure themselves, you wouldn't hesitate to run to their aid - but would you know what to do if you thought they were developing mental ill-health?  Here's five reasons why every creative organisation needs mental health first aiders.

Five reasons creative organisations need mental health first aiders

1)  A mental health first aider has the knowledge, confidence and insight to start important conversations if someone is displaying symptoms of mental ill-health.   The MHFA course teaches people to spot early indicators and risk factors so that they know what to look out for.

2)  Work can be stressful - but just talking about stress can help to alleviate it.  Having trained mental health first aiders gives people someone to turn to if things start getting too much.

3)  By supporting the training of mental health first aiders, organisations are sending out a powerful signal to everyone who works at or visits an organisation, that they care about mental health.  This in itself starts conversations and removes stigma.

4)  Mental Health First Aid training breaks down barriers and busts myths.  With positive mental health role models in the workplace, staff feel more empowered to be open about their mental health.

5)  The human cost of mental ill health is high and so is the financial cost.  UK employers lose £34.9 billion each year due to mental ill health, but by investing in Mental Health First Aid they could have a positive impact on their people and on their bottom line. 

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