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Join our campaign to improve mental health in the cultural and creative sectors

We want to change how cultural and creative sector organisations talk about and respond to mental health.   More than 20% of those working in the sector said mental health problems had impacted on their career to a greater or lesser extent.  We think this is wrong. 


Creative Freedom is one of the only organisations in the UK offering Mental Health First Aid training, targeted specifically at the creative and cultural sectors. 


We deliver whole-organisation training as well as training days where individuals can join a small group of peers to learn together.

We're working with the AMA to promote wellbeing at work.  Join in our online seminar on 12 Feb and find out how to promote a mentally healthy workplace.

Online seminar

Wellbeing at work

Industry leading publication, Arts Professional, highlights our campaign to change the conversation about mental health.  Read more....

Arts Professional magazine

A manifesto for mental health

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We believe in a mentally healthy cultural sector

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